Available in English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish,
Russian, Slovenian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Persian!
(Arabic, Danish, and Hungarian coming soon)

Although it is not possible to book a 1-2-1 session with Julia anymore, the great news is that we have a growing community of
amazing Practitioners dedicated to facilitating 1-2-1 consultations focused on Galactic Astrology Soul Reading.

The below list is organized by the date of obtaining their certification, starting with the most recently certified on top of the list.

We invite you to scroll through until the end of the page and let your heart lead you to your ideal guide.

You might be interested in watching our 'Galactic Ambassadors' Podcast where we interview each of these wonderful souls.

They share their journey of consciousness expansion and intriguing stories related to Galactic Astrology. Watch them HERE

Melissa Murray -Wheel To Heal Astrology

Date of Certification: 6/1/2023



Based in North Carolina

QSG Session Type: Written report, Video recording

Hello! My name is Melissa!

I always had a curiosity of what more could be out there, my entire life. I went through a traumatic loss, and it called me to question life as I knew it and it took me on a profound inward journey to find what I thought I had lost within myself and in the physical. I found out I didn't lose anything, and I only needed to remember the divine strength I already had within. I focused on healing, and I opened the gifts that lay dormant within me.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner who includes Astrology and Galactic Astrology in my practice. I also have experience with Psychic Mediumship, Numerology and Reiki. My focus for Galactic Astrology and Astrology are helping you find your Soul Purpose and Healing on a Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level. I will facilitate and hold sacred space for you.

Soul's Purpose Galactic Astrology Reading: A Soul's Purpose Galactic Astrology reading is an empowering experience that equips you with the tools and knowledge to align your life choices with your soul's calling. You'll gain insights on how to make decisions in harmony with your authentic self, enhance your spiritual journey, and manifest your true potential. In a Soul's Purpose Galactic Astrology reading, we dive into the cosmic tapestry of your birth chart, weaving together the threads of celestial energies from distant galaxies and nebulae. By exploring the alignment of planets, stars, and cosmic phenomena, we reveal the sacred blueprint that holds the keys to your higher calling and soul's evolution. During your personalized session, I will take you on an introspective voyage, where you'll gain profound insights into your life's mission, passions, and innate abilities. Through this multidimensional approach, you'll discover the interconnectedness between your soul's journey and the vast cosmic forces that shape your destiny. I will decode the intricate patterns and alignments present in your natal chart, shedding light on the specific energies and influences that have guided you throughout lifetimes. You'll gain clarity on past experiences, karmic lessons, and significant milestones that have shaped your spiritual growth. Furthermore, we will explore the unique resonance between your soul's purpose and the universal energies at play in the cosmos. By tapping into the wisdom of galactic sources, you'll gain a broader perspective on your life's purpose and a deeper understanding of the greater cosmic tapestry in which you're an integral part.

Healing Focused Galactic Astrology Reading: My primary focus is to assist you in recognizing and understanding the wounds, blockages, and challenges that may be hindering your personal growth and well-being. Galactic Astrology illuminates the profound interplay between your soul's journey and the cosmic energies that influence your path. With compassion and sensitivity, I will gently guide you towards those areas of your life that require healing.

Video podcast featuring Melissa coming soon.

Lai Guan-Rong

Date of Certification: 5/26/2023


Instagram: himahluna


Based in Taipei, Taiwan

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Video recording

We are all children from the stars that have come to this beautiful planet as promised

We are not just what this physical body sees in this physical world, but we are multidimensional beings, and your being has multiple layers of development at the same time

If you feel a deep calling to know the meaning of your soul I will assist you in your personal inner grand travel deep exploration

You will resonate with your essence
Facing life afresh with clarity of perception
Be inspired by your soul's mission and purpose
Connect more consciously with your spiritual guides

Past is present is future
We who are original fractals are wonderful chromatic light energy bodies

Let me lead you back to the light of consciousness of the soul

--Rock climbing instructor
--Australian flower crystal energy healing lecturer
--Professional astrologer

Video podcast featuring Lai coming soon.

Lizz Grace

Date of Certification: 5/26/2023



YouTube: @galacticmythology

Instagram: lizzgrace

Facebook: GalacticMythology

Linktree: galacticmythology


Based in Portland, Oregon

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Video recording

I offer natal chart and synastry chart readings.

I am an astrologer, fashion designer and artist. Though, in reality that is really only scratching at the surface of who I am. I have been independently studying astrology since 2017 and I obtained my certification in Galactic Astrology in 2023. I enjoy exploring many points of a natal chart. Though, some of my favorite points are the lunar nodes because they reflect past-life karma and current-life destiny.

Adding a galactic layer to our exploration of the lunar nodes helps one realize the vastness of the karma they are carrying. Suddenly, the baggage from other worlds becomes revealed and ancient rhythms become exposed. In the journey of freewill we are given the choice to change the beat of the karmic rhythms with which we are born.

Looking to the patterns of astrology to consciously tap into the rhythms of our being - enables us to evolve and grow with the universe. I would love to give you a natal reading and to help you tap into the patterns and the rhythms that are unique to you. My readings integrate multiple areas of astrology, such as evolutionary, galactic, and intuitive - along with my private study of mythology and of the occult.

I encourage you to look over my website,

Much love,
Lizz Grace

Video podcast featuring Lizz coming soon.

Shannon L Rooney

Date of Certification: 5/18/2023



YouTube: @shannonrooney8568



Based in North Carolina

QSG Session Type: Video recording

Hey There,

My name is Shannon and I am a spiritual life coach and teacher. I use Quantum Soul Guidance to assist you in better understanding yourself. Uncovering the core of who you are and how to open and expand your connection to your soul, the most important relationship in your life.

Allowing for infinite intelligence to drop in and to access the living library that is within you. To remember all of who you are, and how you are co-creating with all that is.

Much Love, Shannon

Video podcast featuring Shannon L coming soon.

Joshua Little

Date of Certification: 5/3/2023



YouTube: @awakenandascendchannel

Instagram: awakenandascendchannel


Based in England

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions

"Hi beautiful soul,

I love to play, learn and discover in the field of consciousness whilst expanding into all the astrological bodies and spaces in this beautiful universe and I want to share it all with you. We are unique alien superstars with amazing journey’s to be told and incredible expressions with many gifts that have been born out of fascinating evolutionary adventures. Do you want to know your soul journey among the stars? Do you want to learn more about your soul essences and expressions and the way it wants to serve and play in this life? Do you want to enlighten your karma and discover the gold that wants to come from your life’s challenges?

Well maybe I’m the person to help you with these things or maybe one of the other fabulous QSG practitioners will. However, if you feel like there’s something that I’m here to support you with or we made an agreement to do this fun galactic stuff together before we incarnated into these bodies, then I’d be honored to share the magic of Quantum Soul Guidance and Galactic Astrology with you."


Video podcast featuring Joshua coming soon.

Paula Smit

Date of Certification: 4/25/2023




LANGUAGES: English, Dutch

Based in Spain

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording, Video recording

"We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are seeking has always been within." - Rumi

Do you believe we are Multidimensional Beings living a human experience?

Your Birth Chart is a Blueprint of your Soul and we can discover your Soul connections and Soul
journey in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond through the different alignments in your Chart. Light
will be shed on the information that is for your highest and greatest good and most relevant for you
to come forward.

I see life as an incredible, magical journey and believe there is always more to learn and to discover
about ourselves. I am here to connect with you.💖

Blessings, Paula

Video podcast featuring Paula coming soon.


Date of Certification: 4/24/2023



YouTube: @iamloveandlight

Instagram: _iamloveandlight

Facebook: profile.php?id=100089079083456

LANGUAGES: English, Dutch

Based in Amsterdam, Bali, Dubai, Remote

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Video recording

Beautiful soul,

Thank you for choosing to connect at this time. If you are on this site, it means you are already walking on your divine path of self-discovery, self-healing, and enlightenment. Your reward of walking that path is transmutation, raising your vibration and the expansion of consciousness. Healing yourself contributes to the healing and awakening of our planet and the collective as well.
I thank you for choosing you. I thank you for your courage to follow this path. I thank you for
doing this for you, for us, for our planet and for the universe.

A life journey of Self Transformation and Spiritual growth has led me to live in alignment with my soul purpose in life in service of humanity. I am highly committed and passionate about helping people elevate to a higher level of consciousness.
My mission is to empower you to heal, to be in alignment with your soul's path and to transform your life. As a certified energy and quantum healing practitioner I offer a range of healing modalities across the globe that will allow for a heart-centered, holistic yet focused approach. Through the support of The Creator of All That Is, your higher self's wisdom and your spirit team, I can transmit high frequencies of healing light, to assist you in releasing, transforming, and evolving spiritually.

To book a session, visit
- Quantum Soul Guidance Reading & Galactic Astrology
- Beyond Quantum Healing
- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
- ThetaHealing
- Emotion Code
- Emotional Freedom Technique
- Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremonies

Location: Remote/Online, Bali, Dubai, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Energy & Quantum Healing, your journey of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
healing starts here.

Looking forward to connecting and to being of assistance.

Love & Light, Salma

Video podcast featuring Salma coming soon.

Galactic Garden Sanctuary

Collaborative crew: James E. Higgins III, aka Nischintya Dasa, Sharon Walker and Ric Wirick




Based in Big Island of Hawai’i

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

Featuring master Astrologer James E. Higgins III, aka Nischintya Dasa, aka Grandpa Alien. With over 47-years of experience in the field of Astrology and as a Vedic scholar, James has integrated the astronomical Vedic chart and Nakshatras with aspects of the Western chart – creating an all-encompassing Vedic/ Galactic Astrology reading with remedial measures for the journey ahead.

Galactic Astrology in the Vedic texts (Jyotish Shastra) was originally documented over 5000-years ago. James integrates the Nakshatras, the 27-Stars located on or near the ecliptic, into the natal reading. Each Nakshatra has a ruling planet, symbol, deity, special power and unique characteristics. James also offers sessions on Nakshatra remedial measures which include the use of specific sacred gems and mantras.

In addition, James co-authored and published How to Read Your Horoscope/ The ABC’s of Eastern
Astrology. And after having served as Doris Duke’s astrologer and spiritual adviser: Dollars, Diamonds, Destiny and Death/ My Life with the Richest Girl in the World. James also served as a researcher for author Richard L. Thompson and his book: Alien Identities/ Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena.

Sharon Walker is our certified Quantum Soul Guidance (QSG practitioner) and Starseed Gardener. The QSG Vedic/ Galactic charts are like Starseed packets -- exploring one’s galactic journey, creative potential and cosmic awakening. Since childhood, Sharon has spent as much time as possible in the garden, growing and connecting with Nature and Mother Earth. Sharon has an interactive connection with plants and animals, and our connection to stars and the Universe.

Ric Wirick (Captain Ric): now serving as the Galactic Garden Sanctuary’s secretary, coordinator and “in the sky chart” liaison -- introducing the astronomy of astrology. He is a lifelong sailor – connecting with the wind, water and movement -- with a passion for exploration. On land, Ric is focused on establishing our self-reliant, off-grid community living.

Video podcast featuring Sharon coming soon.



Date of Certification: 4/21/2023



YouTube: channel/UCUNeUANSNv6z4jb_wF4Opsg



LANGUAGES: French, English, Japanese

Based in Terra (Nomadic Artist)

QSG Session Type: Written report, Video recording

"Author of the Holistic Oracle card deck (64 cards, bilingual FR-EN, becoming galactic this year, stay tuned).

I like to dig into your questions, whatever they are and see how they can relate to your Soul' s galactic history and heritage in order for you to have more clarity and clear your residual karma (personal and collective)."
I understand myself as an interpreter. I love interpreting human languages as well as animals'. I Reinterpret visions of the invisible world through my paintings. Communicating the language of the Stars has become a passion, what an awesome language to learn!!
Let's speak galactic together!!


~ Couli  くり

Video podcast featuring Chrystelle coming soon.

Nihal Altunsuzer

Date of Certification: 4/19/2023



Instagram: sezgiselsen

Facebook: sezgiselsen

LANGUAGES: Turkish, English

Based in North Carolina, USA

QSG Session Type: Written report

"I am a Physicist, an Author, a Self-Actualization Coach, a Karma and Draconian Astrologer, a QHHT Practitioner, a Japan Shingon Kukai Master Energy Healer and a JAAS Practitioner, a Dowsing Practitioner.

I woke up my divine soul purpose in May 2018 with Astrology. It was wonderful. My life changed forever. I stepped into another level of my journey when I attended the QHHT practitioner course in 2019. After that, I meet new information every year that I can use for my soul purpose. Galactic Astrology is a milestone in my life.

When I first met Julia and her course, I was fascinated. Now I am a Practitioner. My new mission reminds people of their soul origins and galactic memories. I am so glad to be part of this divine purpose.

With Quantum Soul Guidance Report, you will find answers to many questions you feel inside and seek answers everywhere. You can look at your life and the universe from higher dimensions. You will learn who the extra-terrestrial upper-dimensional beings you are spiritually and energetically connected are. This will strengthen your bond with them.

​You can develop energetic roots with Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades, Polaris, and many other groups of beings you have never heard of, serving unity. You will re-remember your essence, your limitlessness. With this very high-dimensional information,
your soul will have an exquisite experience.

Please look me in the eye with my profile photo; if you feel my soul energy close to you, contact me for Quantum Soul Guidance Reading. If you choose me, I am sure we have a divine connection.
Love, peace & Namaste"
~ Nihal

Watch the video podcast featuring Nihal HERE

Saartje Van Houtte

Date of Certification: 4/16/2023


LANGUAGES: Dutch, English

Based in Spain

QSG Session Type: Audio recording

"Hello beautiful human being,

I am Saartje, and we have all come together, here, at this moment in time to birth new earth. Yes you too. The reason you made it to this page is because you want to step into your own power and to be a part of this new creation. You are ready, and YOU have a vital role in helping the birthing process of a new consciousness.

I would like to help you on your path.
I will recognise you, where you haven’t been recognised, I will see you where you haven’t been seen and I will acknowledge you, where you haven’t been acknowledged before.
This is a safe space where you will be seen as you are.
And you will love who you are!

It is time for us to remember who we are. Pure consciousness and master creators. We have forgotten so many parts of ourselves, and it is time to recollect all that knowledge and activate the yet still dormant parts of ourselves.

Let us become aware of your divine beautiful soul together:
- Who are you?
-What are your gifts in life?
-Information about past lives on earth and galactic lives
-What is your purpose?
-How can you support yourself with more love and self-value?
-Where and what is your shadow part that needs to be seen and healed?
-What is your soul colour?
-Who are your guides?

This and more, we shall explore together.
I am looking forward to connecting with your higher self.


Watch the video podcast featuring Saartje HERE

Akata Vesta

Date of Certification: 4/4/2023



YouTube: @becominglotus

Linktree: becominglotus

LANGUAGES: English, Italian, Chinese, Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin

Based in Italy

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording, Video recording

~ The Universe has a plan for YOU! ~

Akata Vesta is my name. Akata, a name that I received from my Arcturus Past/Present/Future Self. Vesta, from my Esoteric background, with the blessing by Godmother Vesta – The Central Sun. This is my privilege to hold the Sacred Flame in, through and around me.
As an Intuitive, with an opened heart, I communicate with the other side of the Veil, the Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters and Archangels. May this be the gift that I can bring you assistance in your SOUL journey.

~ The Way of the Heart ~
When I look back in time, I will say my spiritual journey really started when I decided to go to Australia. Coming from a poor family, there were many obstacles before I can pack my bag. Australia was a perfect place for one to create his/her own image, a new future. Now, after all this year, I can finally put a word into the feeling when I walked up Ayres Rock (an energetic portal) one early morning. It was HOME COMING!
Galactic Astrology has helped me greatly in understanding my life path, in joining many dots together, through time and space.

~From my heart to yours~
Before you look into the services and prices. I would like to share with you that, I have walked in difficult situation in life. I know it all too well, sometimes we are in need or desire certain guidance/assistance, but discard the idea for lacking of possibility. Please know that I see it as my Divine Duty to share my gift with you. Please write, together we will find a solution.
The Universe has your back.

Watch the video podcast featuring Akata HERE

Taylor Ann Norris, M.S.

Date of Certification: 3/3/2023



YouTube: @taylornorrisreiki

Instagram: taylornorrisreiki


Based in Hawaii

QSG Session Type: Video recording


My name is Taylor Norris, and I am a Reiki Master and Galactic Astrologer with the dream to create Heaven on Earth. Let’s awaken Heaven on Earth within, and manifest Heaven on Earth physically, right here and now!

That’s what I’m doing on the Big Island of Hawaii through my Reiki and Astrology practice as well as creating an off-grid homestead growing fruits in a crystal grid orchard (with the 4 Royal stars & Great Attractor on the angles of the land's birth chart!).

If you are as curious as I am, then surely, you’ll want to know:

Who are you?
Why are you here?
What is your soul's purpose?
What is your soul's origin?
Where did you come from?
Where have you been?
What are your gifts, talents, and lifetimes of mastery?
Where are you going?
What does your future hold?

The focus of my service is to receive and share whatever comes through for your highest good & greatest benefit at this time now. My intention is for your healing, greater awareness, insights, clarity, guidance, and empowerment.

Infinite Love & Blessings,

“Taylor is the real deal.  She was able to use her host of metaphysical skills to review, synthesize, and articulate in simple language her interpretation of my Galactic Astrology Chart so that I could totally digest and understand the meanings of the constellations/stars/planets in my chart.   I now have a greater understanding as to why I’ve done things in the past, how I can grow in the present, and what direction I want my life to take in the future; now armed with the knowledge from my Galactic Astrology Reading.  Taylor has a light, peaceful, and happy demeanor that relaxes you immediately and allows the reading to progress smoothly and fluidly. 
I highly recommend Taylor to anyone who wants to do a deep dive on themselves, understand the skill sets they were born with along with those skills that one can tap into once they understand their charts thus becoming a more balanced person/human being.   Taylor, thank you for your eye-opening reading of my chart and I look forward to the “new me” because of the knowledge I gained.   I’ve already told family members of this reading and they are excited to pursue their own readings in the future.  Namaste.” — David Kanter

Watch the video podcast featuring Taylor HERE

Gabby Lambkin

Date of Certification: 3/25/2023



Instagram: zodianacoaching

Facebook: zodianacoaching


Based in Brisbane, QLD, Australia

QSG Session Type: In-person sessions, Video recording

Greetings, beautiful souls!

We all yearn for a life of abundance and purpose. I have spent the last decade exploring my inner truth and unlocking my divine soul expression. Have you ever wondered about your own purpose, origin, and potential to make a global impact and help heal our planet?

As a soul guidance practitioner, career astrologer, and life coach, I am excited to share my newfound knowledge and expertise to help you connect with your true self. Through love and guidance, I will help you realize your innate talents and activate your full potential.

Are you ready to embark on a new journey of self-discovery and fulfilment?

Let's connect for a personalized 1-1 session on Zoom or in person.

Join me, in discovering the beauty and power within you.
~ Gabby

Watch the video podcast featuring Gabby HERE

Susanne Aranas

Date of Certification: 1/29/2023



LANGUAGES: Swedish, English, German, French

Based in Sweden

QSG Session Type: Written report

OBS! Hej mina Svenska Astrologi vänner.
Jag håller på att jobba med min hemsida och min Face Book sida eftersom den är otydlig för dej som önskar mina tjänster.
Min intention är att guida dej att ta tillbaka din kraft igen.
Skicka gärna ett mail till mej: om du vill veta mer om mina erbjudanden.
Jag har egen erfarenhet av läkning av djupa trauman.

Mina Verktyg innefattar nedanstående:
* Galaktisk Astrologi
* Översättning av känslospråk
* Tarot
* Healing
* Djur kommunikation och Healing.
* Mediala sittningar.
* Andekontakt

OBS! My website is under construction and cannot be reached yet. Please send me an email and I will send you the information you need ❤️❤️PLEASE have patience with me as I want to be clear in what I have to offer you as my client.
I have experience in deep trauma and how to heal them and feel free to live.
I work mainly for you to find your inner leader and your inner fire again ❤️
I use all my tools in my sessions depending on your personal need.

I can offer you:
* Galactic Astrology Reports
* Emotinal language translation
* Tarotreadings
* Energy Healing
* Animalhealing/ reading.
* Trans and Reiki Healing
* Spirit contact
Written 2023-05-28

My first contact with the wonderful modality of Galactic Astrology was through an interview with Julia Balaz and Pam Gregory.

At the time I was asking myself what is the purpose of my life? What is the type of work where I can use all my life experiences and help people and companies lead with love, assisting them to see that everyone is important, and everyone must be included?

I felt that the world was cold-hearted and that I did not fit here anymore.

Immediately after watching Julia´s interview, I first signed up for her course” Your Higher Self Connection” and then the “Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner” Course.

I discovered that I had many incarnations through eons of time. The deep realization that all the knowledge that I carried for so long, always wondering where it came from, was from my many incarnations just blew me away and filled with happiness.

As I proceeded in the course, I understood that many of my challenges in life had a higher purpose and that my experiences can help to heal those who want to be healed and those who are curious about what more their life has to offer.

Please join me on this journey, feel many burdens lifted from your shoulders and create a new space for You too Bloom.

Watch the video podcast featuring Susanne HERE

Simone Padilha

Date of Certification: 2/26/2023



LANGUAGES: English, Portuguese

Based in Australia

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

"Have you ever felt a deep yearning to understand the origins of your soul? To explore the infinite expanse of the cosmos and discover where you truly belong? Look no further, for the answers you seek lie in the Galactic Astrology Soul reading.

At the core of this system dwells the belief that we are all wanderers, traveling between dimensions and absorbing energy from every point in the universe. Our bodies carry imprinted information from countless past lives, and the reading unlocks the secrets of your soul's primordial existence, its anchoring in a planetary matrix, and the lessons learned throughout your cosmic journey.

Galactic Astrology reading goes beyond traditional astrology by exploring the akashic records where I will be tapping into the information contained within your DNA and uncover the timelines of your past incarnations.

With this newfound awareness, you can integrate the experiences of your previous lives into your present existence and live a life in completeness.

During the 90-minute session, I will guide you through your soul origin, mission, and karma, and any other messages that need to come through to support your consciousness awakening. And after the session, I will offer a complimentary follow-up session to help you integrate the information received and chart your course forward.

Discover where you truly belong and unlock the secrets of your soul's journey. Book a Galactic Astrology Soul reading today."
~ Simone

Video podcast featuring Simone coming soon.

Jane Andrianova

Date of Certification: 2/25/2023



LANGUAGES: English, Russian

Based in Ashland, Oregon, USA

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Video recording

Jane was born and raised in the Soviet Union and moved to United States at the age of 18. She has been very intuitive her whole life and had her first encounter with out-of-body experience at the age of 16 when she started meditating. Jane’s awakening and ascension process has been through a twin flame template in this life and many past lives. Through those relationships, she learned a lot about herself, developed her healing gifts and what her mission was. Jane also has a sacred connection with nature and the animal kingdom. She is a gridworker and gatekeeper and actively works with the energies of the area she resides in.

Over the years, Jane learned different healing modalities, which
included Akashic records, tarot, crystals, shamanic work, reiki,
galactic astrology, light language, channeling and past life regression. As an intuitive healer, Jane combined many modalities and created her own unique style of healing. She connects and reads your energy bringing in healing and messages that are specific to you and what you need in the current moment. Jane offers energy healing, intuitive guidance,
spiritual mentorship (upon request only), twin flame/sacred relationship guidance, Illuminated Quantum Healing regression hypnosis, galactic astrology soul readings and guided sacred nature hikes in Mount Shasta. Jane has been also initiated as a priestess of the Sisters of the Rose from the Magdalene order. It is part of her mission to work with people and guide them through their awakening and ascension process.

Watch the video podcast featuring Jane HERE

Deborah Angeline

Date of Certification: 3/4/2023




Based in USA

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

"Hi, my name is Deborah and I am a hypnotherapist, intuitive soul coach, dream shaman and proud Mom. My love for the stars began in my youth after an incredible close encounter experience. For many years after, I wondered who these beings were and where they came from ... especially the ones who visited my dreams. When I came across Julia’s incredible Quantum Soul Guidance program, I knew it would provide the answers I had been looking for.

​The process of becoming a certified QSG practitioner dramatically deepened my intuitive gifts and I use this profound wisdom to help others gain a broader perspective of their own multidimensional nature. In addition to galactic astrology, I work with hypnosis, shamanic journeying, dream therapy, the divine feminine, essential oils and the Akashic records to help clients honor their soul’s calling and facilitate personal transformation.

​My mission is to provide a sacred, supportive environment to help you explore, remember, and reconnect with your soul’s true essence and journey. I would love the opportunity to research your chart and share details about your galactic origin and heritage, your star family connections, your soul’s mission, the gifts you brought into this existence and so much more. Let’s explore!

With love,
~ Deborah"

Watch the video podcast featuring Deborah HERE

Thuy Tien

Date of Certification: 3/13/2023



YouTube: @ThePracticalStarseeds

Instagram: thepracticalstarseeds

Facebook: ThePracticalStarseeds

LANGUAGES: English, French, Vietnamese

Based in Northwestern France

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording

"Hi starseed fellows,
I'm Thuy Tien, literally "Heaven on Earth" in Vietnamese.
My spiritual journey began when I was offered Barbara Ann Brennan's classic "Hands of light". I was 8 and made friends mostly with my father's books. I started training in holistic healing with my mother at 8, Chinese astrology with my dad at 11, and have been a lifelong learner of esoteric literature, symbolism and ancient Egyptian mythology. My higher education in business management and 13 years in the corporate world give me a sense of practicality and how a starseed can be in this world but not of it.
I offer Galactic astrology consulting services for people with childhood traumas and/or relationship traumas, or people hoping to make the leap from the corporate world.I intend to help you find your true self, connect with your inner source of love and wisdom and anchor your divine light to navigate through this challenging time on Earth.
I am based in Northwestern France. I speak English, French and Vietnamese. Let's connect and shine your light!"
~Thuy Tien

Watch the video podcast featuring Marisa HERE

Trasa Murray

Date of Certification: 2/8/2023



YouTube: @goddessinspire

Linktree: goddessinspire


Based in Galway, Ireland

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

"Hi, I'm Trasa (Gaelic meaning: Strength). Mother of twin boys. I'm an intuitive with a background in Natural Health and Healing. I'm from the sacred island of Ireland and I would love to help you find out:

  • What is my Soul Purpose?

  • What are my True Soul Gifts?

  • What are my Biggest Blocks?

  • Where is my Soul Origin?

  • What Karma am I still holding?

  • Why am I here?

  • Where have I been?

  • How can I best utilise this cosmic energy

You will find out who you really are and why you are here. On our zoom call you can ask questions. You will also receive a recorded reading and written report which many of my clients go back to and listen/read often


"Hi Trasa,

I was drawn to your website and am eternally grateful that I was. The galactic soul reading I got from you was “spot on”. I was quite specific in the area I wanted the reading to focus on and was blown away by the amount of and level of information you gave me. Everything you told me resonated strongly and I can’t thank you enough for the clarity and the guidance.
I regularly refer the reading. Yesterday I read the entire reading again and when I finished the word that came to me was “inspirational” so your website name is perfect and absolutely reflects you, an inspirational goddess.
Love and Light

We are here to come together to create Harmony in the World and remember who we really are 🌎❤️

I am honoured to be part of your Soul Journey."


Watch the video podcast featuring Trasa HERE

Michael Richardson

Date of Certification: 12/2/2022



Linktree: dimensionalsoulastrology


Based in Adelaide, South Australia

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording

"For over 44 years I have been studying and teaching the Ageless Wisdom, Esoteric Astrology, Meditation, Tarot, Crystal, Sound and Energy healing and now Galactic Astrology and Akashic records access. Galactic Astrology or Quantum Soul Healing, brought to us by the extensive research and experience of Julia Balaz, reveals the most ancient parts of our being. By tracing our past lives, both here on earth as well as other star systems and Galaxies, we can clear old karmic patterns and clarify our Soul purpose for this life time.

Amazingly, using Astrology and Akashic record access can even clear family karmic patterns. It is heart warming to see millions of years of ancestral conflict repaired with this process.

​I am truly honoured to be a part of this amazing work. I use Astrology and fixed star alignments to access your Akashic records to reveal your past lives, both here on earth and in different star systems. A safe and secure space is created by using psychic alignment meditation, incense, crystals and sound vibrations before presenting the extensive report either in person or via Zoom or Skype. The session is finished up with Tarot so you can gain greater clarification of personal challenges. The intent is to assist in the release of blocks and issues brought forward from the past, to clarify your life purpose and to connect you to your higher wisdom.

Remember you are a Spiritual being having an earthly experience."

Watch the video podcast featuring Michael HERE

Lisa Brady

Date of Certification: 1/21/2023







Based in USA

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

Hello! Are you looking for answers but aren’t exactly sure of the question?

The personalized Galactic Astrology Chart provides answers and insights beyond our wildest dreams; it highlights the unique gifts and skills we have come here with, while it often reveals areas of our lives where we struggle. It’s a beautiful phenomenon.

My desire is to assist people with reconnecting back to their true soul essence; to help ease anxiety and panic, overcome fears and master the art of self-love.

In addition to Galactic Astrology, I work with essential oils, crystals, sounds, tarot cards and the akashic records. I share these tools to assist people when they feel called to work on expanding themselves; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My background includes a successful career in the corporate arena. I hold a BA/Honors degree in Management and a MBA/Marketing degree.

I’m so grateful to be here during such a polarized time on Earth. Together we rise!

One Love,

Lisa B.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Carly Rice

Date of Certification: 1/15/2023




Based in NM, USA

Carly believes in bringing ancient wisdom into a modern world. Carly has been studying astrology for over ten years and loves being able to offer guidance from the stars.

She fell in love with Galactic Astrology and soul readings, and is passionate about inspiring people into their wholeness and their gifts. Carly is an Acupuncturist as well and has a deep knowledge of medical intuition.

Additionally she has apprenticed as a shamanic practitioner for over a decade, and will often bring these aspects into her readings, such as soul retrievals or power animals wanting to come in and offer their support. She has many different tools in her toolbox and is confident in using them!

Carly offers readings over the phone or by Zoom. Please book a session with Carly by email or visit her webpage above.

Video podcast featuring Carly coming soon.

Ann Harmon, Ph.D.

Date of Certification: 12/28/2022



Based in USA

"Hi, my name is Ann, and I am blessed to be part of this fantastic community started by Julia Balaz. My educational background includes an MA and a Ph.D. in Counseling in Human Services with a dissertation focus on the “Experience of Women Exploring Intuition and Leadership.”

In addition, I have been trained in many healing modalities, including Esoteric Healing, QHHT, Healing Touch, Flower Essences, Sound Therapy, and Lightbody Awakening, for almost 35 years. I am a first-wave volunteer, and seeing these amazing shifts going on with Earth is so exciting!

I love sharing, inspiring, and empowering others to discover their life purpose through joy and curiosity.

I am currently NOT doing extensive GA reports, but I am grateful for all of my fellow very gifted and heart-centered practitioners listed on this site.

I currently offer QSG and sound healing sessions with light language (LL) and LL artwork. If clients would like a brief look at their benevolent star connections, I can discuss them and bring them into the sound sessions.

I HIGHLY recommend Julia Balaz’s Quantum Soul Guidance and Galactic Astrology STELLAR programs!!

Sending you, and all life, many Cosmic Sparkles during these extraordinary times of awakening!

All my love,

Video podcast featuring Ann coming soon.

Ulrika Sullivan

Date of Certification: 12/23/2022



YouTube: @ulrikasullivan

Instagram: ulrikasullivan

Facebook: ulrikasullivancoach

Linktree: ulrikasullivan


LANGUAGES: English, Swedish

Based in USA, originally from Sweden

QSG Session Type: In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

"Hi! I'm Ulrika, an astrologer, intuitive, certified life coach, and energy healer. When I came across Galactic Astrology, it clicked with me immediately!

I am passionate about helping people connect with their multidimensional self. A powerful way I work with soul growth is to integrate and embody the insights from a galactic astrology reading into daily life.

I also use energy systems such as Human Design and GeneKeys in combination with traditional and galactic astrology.

Client testimonial: "I am in awe and shocked at all of the amazing information that we were able to uncover! It landed so strongly with me. A lot of realizations of who I am, why I'm here, and what I'm capable of" – Brooke R.

A Galactic Astrology reading is helping us to connect with the cosmic quantum perspective of our soul. It's taking our self-awareness beyond our solar system out to other galaxies and fixed stars.

I invite you to book a reading with me. Visit my website or email me directly.

Welcome to a multidimensional view of yourself!

~Eternally grateful, Ulrika

Watch the video podcast featuring Ulrika HERE

Emily Ghosh

Date of Certification: 12/22/2022




Based in Florida, USA

QSG Session Type: Audio recording, Video recording

"I am an intuitive guide, sound alchemist, multidimensional business mentor and galactic astrologer.

​I believe there is organization to our soul’s blueprint just like in music. There is structure; there is harmony. Some frequencies are amplified while others are more subdued. Some strings are pulled in a certain way which creates tension providing an invitation for our growth and evolution.

​As we better understand our blueprint and remove discordant frequencies, we can create from a higher octave of consciousness and allow our music to flow forth.

​By integrating galactic astrology, we’re able to explore our soul’s origins and journey through the cosmos which can be deeply comforting to discover our soul’s connection to different star systems, star races and how that’s connected to our soul mission.

​Our time together focuses on illuminating your soul’s unique blueprint by integrating evolutionary and galactic astrology, human design, gene keys and numerology to help you live your fullest, Highest expression.

​If this resonates, it would be my deepest honor to assist you!

​With Love,

Watch the video podcast featuring Emily HERE

Susan DeLeo

Date of Certification: 12/14/2022




Based in NM, USA

QSG Session Type: In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

Having been certified as a Quantum Soul/Galactic Astrologer, I offer Intuitive Guidance/Astrology readings which blend the traditional birth chart for this life with Galactic Astrology which is based on how the Fixed stars and entities in the Milky Way and beyond reflect our greater Soul’s origins and journey through the Cosmos.

The astrology chart is a reflection of the map of the sky when we take our first breath. I believe we choose the precise time to be born to learn lessons shown in the chart. The potentials and directions in the chart are affected by the changes in the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies which reflect the ancient Hermetic principle of “As above so below.” The Galactic Chart takes this further giving insight into our Galactic heritage. Here are things I can address during a reading:

*Soul Origin/Starseed Lineage and Journey through the Cosmos

*Soul Mission and Purpose in this Life

*Star Beings/Soul Guides and Stargate Portals you have connections with

*Strengths/Gifts and Karmic Challenges

*How the Fixed Stars and Celestial Bodies Influence current life

*Ancient Past Life Connections

*Transits - How the major outer planet current alignments are affecting the natal chart

I also offer Energy healing using crystals and sound to help rebalance and align the energy systems
of the body. I look forward to guiding you on your journey."

Watch the video podcast featuring Susan HERE

Niloofar Chitsaz

Date of Certification: 12/7/2022



LANGUAGES: English, Farsi/Persian

Based in Canada

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions

"Will you ever stop searching deeper into knowing yourself?

​Hello, my name is Niloo! For my entire life, I looked at the sky and stars and was fascinated by space and its beauty.

I practiced conventional medicine for many years, and it was through those challenges and difficulties that I discovered other forms of medicine and healing modalities. I am currently an intuitive coach, mostly focusing on shadow work, and I am also trained in plant medicine, integrative coaching, and certified in Reiki healing.

As a quantum soul guidance practitioner answering the call of my soul and diving deep into this comprehensive course created by Julia Balaz, I can help you link your astrological chart to some of your galactic heritage, whether you call yourself a starseed or just a wandering soul traveler in the multiverse.

If this resonates with you, I would love for you to book a session with me and see how this journey unfolds."

Watch the video podcast featuring Niloo HERE

Valeria Vega Bustos

Date of Certification: 12/2/2022



YouTube: @galactic.priestess

Instagram: galactic.priestess

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Based in Chile

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording, Video recording

“Dear starseed, my main intention with Galactic Readings is to help you to embody more of your soul, to integrate your different aspects residing in different dimensions and star systems, and to feel safe living your essence and truth.

​I believe there is something magical about each of us and even though we came from the same source it is priceless to find and embody our uniqueness in this lifetime before we re-merge with source.

​In my services I combine my deep love for the galactic with my reverence for the divine feminine and priestesses’ arts.

​You will learn more about your galactic origins, gifts, and challenges, but also specific dates for you to connect with your cosmic soul family and you will receive advice on how to embody more of certain star frequencies.

​Looking forward to work with you!”
~ Valeria

Watch the video podcast featuring Valeria HERE

Patrizia Trotta PhD

Date of Certification: 11/18/2022



YouTube: @patriziatrottaastroconsulting

Facebook: profile.php?id=100009110392922

Linktree: astroconsulting

LANGUAGES: English, Italian

Based in Italy

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording, Video recording

Hi. My name is Patrizia – I am a bilingual Teacher, Writer, a Psychologist specializing in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology (MSc) and a Researcher with a PhD Ed. I studied in the UK, but am Italian.

Strongly connected to the Violet/Indigo ray, I have a powerful galactic background and have trained in several healing modalities, including astrology, (back in the 1990s). I have been using Tarot psychologically for decades.

One of my favourite types of astrology is DRACONIC ASTROLOGY (The Astrology of the Soul), used by Edgar Cayce in his “Life Readings”. I find that it clearly shows the soul’s plan in incarnating on Earth.

(using Tropical, Draconic and Galactic Astrology),in which I:


PROVIDE PRACTICAL GUIDANCE (past, present and future)

If you are reading this, you must be a special member of this Galactic Club. Need help deciphering all those Archetypes, including the Galactic ones, active in your own Psyche? Happy to help!

If you feel called to have a reading with me, please CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE
which describes the types of consultations offered and outlines costs and payment methods.

The other website is

If, after reading the info on the types of consultations available on one of my websites, you still feel you need help deciding, feel free to drop me a line at:

Please also visit my YouTube Channel. Regular posts with all Galactic News can be found on my Blog, to which you can subscribe to get them directly in your email.

This is a very special decade. WE ARE ALL NEEDED AND NOW IS OUR TIME!!!

Love and blessings,


Watch the video podcast featuring Patrizia HERE

Mônica Duãrte

Date of Certification: 11/24/2022



YouTube: @renasceratlante

Instagram: renascer_atlante

LANGUAGES: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Based in Spain

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording

“I’m a starseed on the search for answers. I’m always looking to gain knowledge, but life has taught me that the universe has a way of making things happen at the right time and place. My philosophy is to keep moving forward, no matter the pace.

If you’ve found your way here, maybe the universe is giving you the opportunity to connect with your star family. Are you ready to join me on this path?

We are a consciousness having a human experience. Our souls have traveled through the universe and other dimensions, and it’s time to remember the journey.

I’m here to guide you through Quantum Soul Guidance, using techniques such as the Akashic Records and Galactic Astrology, in addition to my psychic abilities and experience as
a quantum therapist.

With the reading, you’ll be able to connect to your past lives in other star systems and on Earth, helping you recognize your gifts and talents in this lifetime. This connection will remind you of your mission as a starseed and reconnect you to your true star lineage.

With gratitude, Monica.”

Watch the video podcast featuring Monica HERE

Jennifer Marie

Date of Certification: 11/22/2022




Based in USA

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording

"Hello and welcome to this part of the internet where I feel honored to be standing with so many warm and talented souls! My name is Jennifer and my mission is to help you help yourself. I am here to support you while you heal and improve your
quality of life. Through an integrative approach, and a variety of modalities, I help people transform by finding balance in their physical and energetic bodies, and in turn their life & relationships. My students are beautiful souls who are eager to
deeply understand their unique gifts and learn how to best use them to create a life of peace. I love to encourage people while they transform and create their best life with grace, joy and happiness. I am so excited to add Galactic Astrology to my
treasure box of modalities!

I trust that galactic guidance will illuminate your greatest qualities, gifts and potentially hidden strengths so that you may align with your heart, exalt your highest expression of self, live your life on purpose and feel confidant as your Quantum Galactic Soul lives out your Earthly Mission.

Whether you wish to remember your galactic past and quantum soul one step at a time or take a deep dive, I trust you will find the keys and codes you have been longing for. These keys will begin to shift your awareness and fuel positive action
to create a life that is fulfilling to you and supportive to others.

May your quest be blessed!"

Watch the video podcast featuring Jennifer HERE

Sonja Haxel

Date of Certification: 10/27/2022



LANGUAGES: German, English

Based in Germany

QSG Session Type: Written report

"At the end of your journey, you will not be asked: "Have you become a saint or have you fought for the salvation of men?"; The only question you will have to answer is: "Have you become yourself"
Lao Tzu

By answering the call of my soul and striving all my life to embody my highest possible soul potential in human form, it has become possible for me to help others unfold their own highest possible soul potential. This is my highest excitement and my soul mission.

As a professional astrologer, an astrology tutor as well as a yoga teacher, I accompany people in their personal development process on the levels of body, mind and soul. Both astrology and yoga are paths of experience and knowledge that never end. I therefore always see myself as a teacher and a

I am very honored to be part of Julia's certified Quantum Galactic Soul Guidance Practitioners. Julia is an outstanding teacher. With her insights from her years of work and research, she has imparted a wealth of knowledge and experience to her students that I can draw from with full hands and now
share with people in the form of unique written Galactic Soul Journeys and follow-up consultations.

You are cordially invited to learn more about me and my work on my website. I very much look forward to exploring and discovering the origin and experiential path of your soul
and revealing it chronologically in your written Galactic Soul Journey report.

With love, Sonja"

Watch the video podcast featuring Sonja HERE

Rev. Sibyl Star

Date of Certification: 10/7/2022



YouTube: @sibylstar8255

Facebook: SibylStarAstrologer



Based in USA

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording

"Hi, I am Rev. Sibyl Star…Spiritual Guide, Astrologer, Cultural Creative and Seeker of Truth. Have you ever asked yourself that profoundly existential question “Who Am I?” Now is the time of
“remembering” who you are and the cosmic journey of your soul. It is said that when you remember who you are, you will remember why you came- your “Soul Mission.”

Have you ever felt that Earth is not your home? Have you ever wondered if your Soul is from another Star System? If so, you may be a Starseed. Starseeds are souls that have experienced
life elsewhere in the Universe. Many indigenous people know they came from the stars and through their cosmology they know which Star Nation. As we move into the Age of Aquarius we all will start remembering our connection to the stars as many of us are Starseeds.

The astrological chart is not just a map of our consciousness in this solar system but also of your galactic imprinting from other Star Nations. Galactic Astrology Consultations helps explore your soul origins in the stars and how it also relates to this lifetime. Let me help you discover your “Cosmic DNA” through a Galactic Astrology Consultation."
~ Sibyl

Watch the video podcast featuring Sibyl HERE

Julita Machalski

Date of Certification: 9/14/2022



Instagram: julita_machalski

LANGUAGES: English, Polish

Based in Chicago, USA

QSG Session Type: Written report

"Deep within ourselves we all have a burning desire to create more abundance, and live our lives to our happiest and highest purpose. Do you ever dream about knowing yourself as the Powerful Creator you were meant to be?

Hi! My name is Julita. I am a life long student, the creator of my own reality, and loving mother. I came to Earth to share my knowledge and help you rediscover amazing things about yourself and your precious child.

Through the wisdom of the Quantum Soul Guidance course created by Julia, I was able to connect to so many pieces of myself and to see the quality of my divine soul expression. As a mother of my young daughter, I was also able to gain a deeper understanding of her soul purpose in this lifetime.

This life changing course has been the most rewarding tool I have personally discovered during my spiritual evolution.

As a Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner, I am honored to share the wisdom of Julia’s teachings. My intention is to unite all of my previous experience as a life coach and utilize the Akashic records to create a unique perspective that will guide you with love to your authentic self."


Watch the video podcast featuring Julita HERE

Karmen Mesko

Date of Certification: 9/9/2022



YouTube: @karmenmd

LANGUAGES: English, Slovenian, German

Based in Switzerland

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording, Video recording

"Hi beautiful being!
Do you feel a burning longing for something indescribable, a deep connection to intangible realities you know exist, yet you don’t know how to reach them? Do you have deeply seated memories, pain invoking fears or visions of worlds that you can’t place into any logical frame that exists here on Earth?

I know exactly how you feel! I felt the same, for a long time….
After decades of deep soul-searching, I discovered that this longing and the resurfacing memories were the loving gravitational pull of my soul, calling me towards my multidimensional truth, to uncover and embody it here and now.
We all are multidimensional souls having a human experience. As sparks of the Divine, we are walking our paths of self-discovery on different worlds, in different dimensions, in different bodies and plains of existence.
If you find yourself on this page, rest assured that your soul is inviting you to step onto your personal journey of discovering your own multidimensional nature!
I can guide you to get in touch with your divine essence, your soul memories, to activate your own incredible gifts and abilities, so you can fully step into your multidimensional existence and the purpose you came here to fulfil!
You will be amazed to uncover what you already experienced and how many talents you already master!
You just need to remember! I would love to be there for you.
With love, Karmen MD"

Watch the video podcast featuring Karmen HERE

Marina Sedona

Date of Certification: 9/15/2022



YouTube: @sedonaspirit

LANGUAGES: English, Russian

Based in Canada

QSG Session Type: Audio recording, Video recording

“Energy healer, shamanic practitioner, intuitive guide and mentor… I also offer comprehensive Galactic Soul Origin shamanic readings, combining astrology and Spirit guidance. A deep dive into your origin and core being. An amazing journey to meet Your True Self.

At the end of your session with me you will learn and/or validate your inner knowing of:
your Soul origin and where you come from
your connections to other stars, constellations and/or galaxies
your past lives on/outside Earth
your evolutionary path and mission here and now
AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT for you to know this right now!”

Video podcast featuring Marina coming soon.

Sarah Davis

Date of Certification: 8/4/2022



Instagram: schoolofforgottenwisdom


Based in England

"You are stardust, planted in the earth to grow!
Learning about my own souls history and galactic connections has been life changing, I always knew there was deeper meaning to my life, but didn’t know how to access it. We are so much more than our stories and conditioning, and what we have been told. We are multidimensional and multi faceted beings, fragments of source, each of our components contributing to the whole. Having a galactic astrology reading is a deep remembrance of your souls journey both on planet earth and in the cosmos. You find out who you are, what’s your mission and how you can support your soul in it’s evolutionary journey through this life and beyond.
My purpose is to help you remember, for you to reconnect to the core of your being and move through whatever challenges you are facing, both in this life and from previous lives. I combine Reiki, Shamanism, The Akashic records and Galactic Astrology to my work. It would be an honour to guide you on your journey to wholeness."

Watch the video podcast featuring Sarah HERE

Shari-Lyn Wheeler

Date of Certification: 8/7/2022




Based in Canada

QSG Session Type: Written report

"Welcome to your soul's journey.
Have you ever wondered,
Why am I here on earth?
What is my purpose?
Who am I really?
Where does my soul originate from?
If so, you are in the right place.
It is my pleasure to help you answer these questions
I am a part-time Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Practitioner and I'm very passionate about my work."

Watch the video podcast featuring Shari Lyn HERE

Ursula O'Farrell

Date of Certification: 7/30/2022



YouTube: c/TheAscensionPlayground

Painting Website:


Based in California

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording, Video recording

"Hi, I’m Ursula…a painter, a mother of many children, an esoteric wisdom researcher, a stargate facilitator and now, a galactic astrology soul reading practitioner. My personal journey has been a quest for deeper understanding of my identity—fueled by three primary questions which French artist Paul Gauguin posed in his seminal masterpiece of 1897: “Where do we come from? What are we? and Where are we going?”
If you are also on a similar quest, “To Know Thyself,” then please feel free to visit my YouTube channel (The Ascension Playground) to see if we are an energetic match. If so, it would be a pleasure to introduce you to your cosmic origins, to your star families, to the gifts you bring forward and to offer any PRACTICAL insights that may come up in a report or reading. May LIGHT continue to guide your path."
Namaste, Ursula

Watch the video podcast featuring Ursula HERE

Serene Palarea

Date of Certification: 7/28/2022



YouTube: @serenepalarea

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English

Based in Spain

QSG Session Type: Audio recording, Video recording

"Precious Ones, do you know that we are much more than we think?
Because we are multidimensional beings... Our souls are precious fractals of the Divine Source incarnated here on Earth and living in an Eternal Present that embraces all what we had been, all what we are and all what we can be. That means that all this information is already within us affecting in some way our present life. Our marvelous being has its own history that, maybe, began in this galaxy, or maybe beyond it. And it is stored within our DNA, explaining who we are, what kind of potentials and gifts we can offer and what kind of lessons we need to learn to evolve and become who we truly are.
A Galactic Astrology Soul Reading can offer you all of this, together with tools to handle and heal what is needed for you to become whole and One with Yourself. And, in this way, reconnecting with the true colors and sounds of your Soul and with your purpose in this life. In this way we can discover some unknown aspects, while mapping a full spectrum of your being, that answers some questions about the meaning of your existence and your life.
If you are interested in booking a session with me, you can email me. It could be via Skype or Zoom, or telephone."

Watch the video podcast featuring Serene HERE

Ruth Taylor

Date of Certification: 7/27/2022



Instagram: galactic_astrology_reading


Based in Devon England

QSG Session Type: Written report

"It would be an honour for me to do a galactic astrology reading for you. I believe our souls are truly incredible and I'd love to help you reconnect with yours. In my sessions I look at your galactic history, your souls journey through this galaxy, as well as your earth history and help you to understand yourself in this incarnation by remembering the past and integrating all the lessons you have learned while tapping into the wisdom you hold. I look at different frequencies you have brought into this life such as your soul colour as well as going into the karma you have brought here to be released.
I offer three different reports so if you feel guided to please visit my website and I would love to help you on this beautiful journey."

Watch the video podcast featuring Ruth HERE

Emilia Luiza Lange

*Up to two months waiting list.

Date of Certification: 7/21/2022


LANGUAGES: English, Polish

Based in Poland

QSG Session Type: In-person sessions, Video recording

I help you align with your Highest Divine Expression through Quantum Soul Guidance QSG®, Traditional and Galactic Astrology, Soul Realignment®, Reiki Healing, and Hypnosis (QHHT® & BQH®).

In my sessions I offer support in your healing and transformation journey, and I help you return to your Highest Divine Potential through identifying, understanding and releasing any possible energetic blocks in your current life.

My readings are designed to help you make choices and decisions aligned with your True Divine Self.

All sessions take place online, via Zoom, and are recorded.

I am sending you lots of beautiful energy and hope to see you soon.
Emilia 💜

Watch the video podcast featuring Emilia HERE

Louise Platt

Date of Certification: 6/28/2022



YouTube: @spiralbrightinsight

Instagram: spiralbrightinsight


Based in England

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording

"Did you know that your birth chart is a blueprint for your journey through this lifetime and it can shed so much light on what your soul chose for you to experience while you are here?
When we take a step further and use Galactic Astrology, we have a key to help unlock so much more information about your soul’s history and connections and even lifetimes on other star systems. If you have always felt you are here for a reason but can’t quite pinpoint what that is, or if you are simply interested in finding out more about your soul’s origins and Starseed lineage then you are in the right place.
It is a privilege to be able to assist you with connecting more deeply with your true self and helping you to remember and validate why you are here. This amazing Quantum Soul work has the potential to be so healing and transformative and it is my intention through every reading to help you to evolve and grow.
Please visit my website to find out more about the different reports I offer and if you feel the call, it will be an honour to connect with you."

Watch the video podcast featuring Louise HERE

Sylvia Stelten

Date of Certification: 6/15/2022




LANGUAGES: English, Dutch, German

Based in Holland

QSG Session Type: Written report, Audio recording

"Hi, I’m Sylvia and I am your Galactic Ambassador. All beings on Earth are unique creatures but very much connected. The realization that we are all one is a tough one so understanding when “you” sparked into your first being and with what purpose is very important.

Astrology is a trade, birth horoscopes are an art and soul readings are a gift. Allow me to give you this gift and let me take you an a journey from where you started to where you are now. Who you really are and what your purpose is will become apparent in your heart and soul.

Take this Galactic Astrology Soul Reading trip and leave your wildest expectations on the table. You will drop your jaw in awe to yourself you beautiful intergalactic being! GASR will completely redefine your understanding of everything and more importantly; your place in it…"

Watch the video podcast featuring Sylvia HERE

Brandy Moniec

Date of Certification: 6/6/2022



YouTube: @Just-Waking-Up

Brandy's Art:


Based in California

"Have you ever considered that there is another history? Hidden from you with intention. My name is Mar and I'm here to ignite your memory. Allow me an opportunity to explore clues in your chart that hint to your Soul's next steps in moving through the ascension experience...

When I came across Julia Balaz and Galactic Astrology and Quantum Soul Guidance, my brain understood all of it, my whole body LIGHT UP. I fell inward and had the most beautiful memory.

The body of work that she has created is a KEY. Decoding a celestial soul map. We are so lucky. She has provided the perfect language to what I KNEW.

I love to analyze the charts and blend the tactical visions I receive for my clients when I tune in with all my senses, then offer a report or video session to share what I learned.

​It is my hope to activate your own knowing, and memory so that you gain a clear understanding of your innate galactic gifts, and how to use them in your life now. In return, I am catalyzed to research new cosmic histories, new stars, new paradigms of thought. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Certifications that have contributed to my passion for Galactic Astrology and Multidimensional Healing include ARHATIC YOGA with Master Co in 2016 and PRANIC HEALING level l & ll in 2011. Pranic Crystal Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy certification to follow in 2023.

​There is a shift happening, and I’m here for it, to expand with you."

Watch the video podcast featuring Brandy HERE

Elodie Joseph

Date of Certification: 5/21/2022



Instagram: elodie_yourquantumsoul

LANGUAGES: French, English

Based in Hong Kong

QSG Session Type: Written report, Video recording

"French, based in Hong Kong, I offer personalized and comprehensive reports in English or French.

My aim through the reports is to offer you a higher perspective and guidance on your current life’s journey. I will share with you my findings about your soul journey through this Milky Way Galaxy, who you are on a soul level, potential experiences you had in different star systems, what star systems are you connected to and how the energies of the different star systems are linked to different aspects of your life or assist you in your current life. I will cover your galactic soul mission and potential karmic ties as well from previous lives.

To assist you in better comprehending your current lifetime, I will draw a parallel with your birth chart, your karmic past, lessons or wounds to be healed, as well as your soul’s development plans for this life.

If you are guided to it will be my honour to assist you in your remembrance journey through those reports. "

~ Elodie

Watch the video podcast featuring Elodie HERE

Becca Bee Lynn

Date of Certification: 5/8/2022




Based in US

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Audio recording, Video recording

"Hello beautiful souls! We are intricately tied to the stars and from the moment we are born we are able to see our role in the cosmic wheel of the universe. All of creation is sacred, and works in sacred geometry, mathematics and cycles. Our chart is our very own snapshot of our unique placement in creation. What this means is that there are no random accidents in the universe and you are perfectly designed! Galactic starseed readings are an incredible way to find many of the very answers we are seeking. By looking at key alignments in your chart we will look at what other races, planets and timelines you are connected to. With a starseed reading, find out who your star families are, what your intergalactic journeys and earth incarnations have been, and what karma you may be holding. I am honored to be able to connect with your Higher Self to guide me through the tools of Galactic Astrology, Soul Astrology and Human Design, so your guides can light up just what is right for you. Sessions are recorded and are available on zoom or in person".

~ Becca Bee

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Anne Marie Knop

Anne Marie IS FULLY BOOKED and is not taking on any new bookings at this time. Please contact other practitioners to book your session.

Date of Certification: 4/24/2022



Based in Texas

"Your Galactic Astrology Soul Reading will take you on a trip through the cosmos as we trace your soul’s travels through time. Whether you choose to receive a recorded reading, or we meet live via zoom, you will learn where your soul came from, and why you chose to be on earth at this time. Each reading is unique to your soul’s journey and will last between 45 minutes to a little over an hour. I consider it a privilege and honor to help you understand the lessons and purpose of this lifetime from your higher self’s perspective. Many blessings!"
~ Anne Marie​

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Anthony | Galactic Shaman Soul

Date of Certification: 5/1/2022




Instagram: galacticshamansoul

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LANGUAGES: English, Chinese

Based in Shanghai, China

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Video recording

I wouldn’t label myself a Spiritual Worker or a Healer. I’ve picked up some great resources along the way in this life that I really want to share with like-minded people who are also searching for what lights them up and aligns them to their authenticity.

I’m a Sagittarius, so energetically, I don’t want to leave a “Karmic Footprint.” I learn, share, keep learning, and keep sharing.

If I were to have any purpose in this life, It’s just to be true to myself, and maybe inspire others to do the same.

Learning to be fully incarnated and create my own Human Experience has been a struggle at times(most of the time), but because of this, I’ve gathered so many tips and tricks to share with my fellow Seekers who maybe also want to make a change, be the Sovereign Creator of their life, express their Divine Gifts, and truly embody themselves in the physical.

We’re not alone. We learn who we are at Soul-Level by connecting and learning from each other.

Much Love,


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Crystal Alexis Mills

Date of Certification: 4/16/2022



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Based in California

QSG Session Type: Written report, In-person sessions, Video recording

"I offer comprehensive written Starseed reports that guide you through your Soul's origins, and unlock the story of your journey through the cosmos. Each person's report is typically 40+ pages in length, going over details of your past lifetimes outside of earth and how those experiences may still be affecting you today. It's my hope to provide clarity and validation of Who you are, and why you're here!"
~ Crystal​

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