We use Tropical Zodiac, Placidus House system, True Lunar Nodes and Black Moon Lilith in our calculations auto-setup. If you would like to change any of that, you can manually adjust the Astro Degrees and Astro Houses data on the free report page before you generate your Galactic Astrology chart.
1) Enter All your Birth details in the Natal Chart Calculator and Click Calculate

2) Copy all the Planets Astrological Data from the the Natal Chart Calculator

3) Paste the Planets Astrological Data into dedicated Text Area and

4) Check All the fields on the Galactic Report.
After that, click on BASIC REPORT or EXTENDED REPORT

The EXTENDED REPORT has more details/options but requires more Astrology knowledge.
The most Significant Star connections are the Conjunt, then Opposite.
Trine, Sextile and Square button option adds to the complexity of your soul history.
SHOW DEGREES button will display the Degrees (0 to 29) and Minutes (0 to 59).
Please check the Meaning page to gain a basic understanding of your Galactic Astro Report.
No, but you are able to print it, or save it in a PDF or an Excel format.
To learn how to interpret your Galactic Astrology Report or to explore your possible connection to additional stars and Galaxies, review the online course HERE
This is a comprehensive course that will expand your consciousenss and take you on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Julia is a great teacher. Her website with more helpful resources is Galactic Astrology.
Absolutely! Feel free to contact us:
Julia: info@galacticastrology.com
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