We use Tropical Zodiac, Placidus House system, True Lunar Nodes and Black Moon Lilith in our calculations auto-setup. If you would like to change any of that, you can manually adjust the Astro Degrees and Astro Houses data on the free report page before you generate your Galactic Astrology chart.

1) Enter All your Birth details, Birthplace and Click GENERATE BIRTH CHART DATA:

2) Click on GENERATE BASIC REPORT or GENERATE EXTENDED REPORT. The EXTENDED REPORT has more details/options but requires more Astrology knowledge. The most Significant Star connections are the Conjunt, then Opposite. Trine, Sextile and Square button option adds to the complexity of your soul history. SHOW DEGREES button will display the Degrees (0 to 29) and Minutes (0 to 59):

Please check the Meaning page to gain a basic understanding of your Galactic Astro Report.

You will need to manually adjust the time of birth on our calculator either forward or backward by one hour to get the ascendant degree you are looking for. Here is the reason why this happens:

We use the IANA time-zone database, an open source project that is widely accepted as the time-zone authority in the world and most astrological software websites use this database. There are three websites that we know of (Astro.com, Solar Fire and Astro Gold) who instead IANA rely on the ACS Atlas, a proprietary database based on "The American Atlas", a book written by Thomas G. Shanks, who did extensive research in the field and had ties with Astrolabe Inc, the company behind Solar Fire.

99% of the time, results should be identical as both projects often help each other out, but in rare cases there are disagreements between them, especially for dates and locations when time-zones were not yet standardized.

Quoting from Wikipedia's article on daylight savings in the US:

"After 1945 many states and cities east of the Mississippi River (and mostly north of the Ohio and Potomac rivers) adopted summer DST. From 1945 to 1966 there was no federal law on daylight saving time, so localities could choose when it began and ended or drop it entirely.

A complicated patchwork of daylight saving policies that varied in length and by city, state, and municipality emerged. As of 1954, only California and Nevada had state-wide DST west of the Mississippi, and only a few cities between Nevada and St. Louis."

Finding out who is right and who is wrong usually requires researching the city's records, or from astrology's side via birth time rectification.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure your birth details are entered correctly to obtain the accurate report on our website.

No, but you are able to print it, or save it in a PDF or an Excel format.
If you enrol in the QSG Practitioner course you will gain access to the Login with features not available on the free version. You will have access to more stars and can explore charts that go back to 1800 or 100 years into the future. You will be able to choose from various House Systems, True or Mean Lunar Nodes and Lilith, see the natal chart zodiac wheel including conjunct stars alignments displayed around it, all or no stars displayed around the wheel. You can also add a Relocation chart calculation including fixed stars alignments to see how they may impact you in different locations of the world. You will have the option to save and edit as many charts as you want, include elaborate notes and print colourful Galactic Astrology charts with no watermark.
To learn how to interpret your Galactic Astrology Report or to explore your possible connection to additional stars and Galaxies, review the online course HERE. This is a comprehensive course that will expand your consciousenss and take you on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Julia is a great teacher. Her website with more helpful resources is Galactic Astrology.
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