The Great Awakening

My ''awakening'' journey started several years ago. Since I was a little kid I felt attracted to UFOs,
Aliens, Sci-Fi movies, etc. I still remember the TV Series Show V from 1984, Star Wars, Galactica, etc.
Back then, for me the concept of Starseeds seemed out of this world, incredible, like the super heroes.
I pictured people from the stars with amazing powers, gifts, just like the movies.
I remember in the late 90’s the Starseeds concept started to arise more and more around the world.

Years went by after the new millennium and the Starseeds information grew in popularity. Still, I decided to
ignore it and focus on other esoteric topics. The year 2012 came and I did not feel anything.
I believed only people with great super natural gifts were Starseeds.

Long story short, something happened at the beginning of 2021 and I got hit by a big wave of
starseeds questions with a strong urge to find information online & in books.

My Starseed's awaking began and a new path had started. I love Astrology and I wondered how to use it
to find our connection to Star races. I wanted to know more and I decided to do a few readings on Etsy.
I paid between $1.50 to $50 with five different readings. The results were similar showing my
connection with the Andromedans, Pleidians, Orion and Arcturians. One of the readings
was done with the Akashic Records and found my origin in Planet Maldek. Unfortunately, Maldek was
destroyed and the remains are the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. I was a Maldekian dragon
but thankfully, I was not there during the destruction. A second Etsy Akashic Reading showed
my origin as a Blueprinter originator group.

I kept doing more research and I bought the book How to read the Starseeds by IndigoAngel
but I could not understand it. Then I bought an Ebook from TheStarseedsCompass and this one
was much easier to understand. I had some questions since some of the calculations did not match.
Therefore, I contacted them with no luck. Sadly, I never got a response back.

Then, something amazing happened in May 2021 when I found the Galactic Soul Journey Astrology
course by the lovely Julia Balaz. This was like a love at first sight! My experience
with Julia was wonderful and I truly loved everything in this course. I did my own chart but it took
between 5 to 7 hours to complete it. It requires a lot of work and patience to calculate the stars alignments manually.
Julia was not kidding when she explained that in her class. I communicated back and forth with Julia telling her
“Hey I’m a Software Developer, maybe I can write a program to get this quicker” and so, I did.

By the end of June 2021, Julia did an amazing Starseed reading for me. Julia completely blew my mind
when she confirmed my first true origin as a Blueprinter High Density Divine Designer.
One of my forms was an 11ft tall green, blue, purple, gold Dragon with emerald green eyes. I worked with planetary
creation and designs in higher dimensions. We created more intelligent life forms like plants,
animals and human beings. I am a very old soul probably created right after our own divine source.
Connected to all life forms and Starseed races. My current galactic strongest link is the Andromedans.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me!

May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos,