The Meaning of the Galactic Astro Report

Generally speaking, the Star systems that are aligned with Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are indicating your soul's beginnings and the most distant soul history
linked to beings from those star systems.
Star systems aligned with Sun, Moon, Ascendant are indicating
your most recent soul history linked and soul connections linked to beings from those star systems.
Star systems aligned to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
are indicating your not too distant soul history and connections linked to beings from those star systems.
There are other significant meanings associated with planets, asteroids and other elements in your chart when they are aspecting certain stars.
You can study this in great detail HERE

Conjunct alignment between a planet and a star system indicates the most significant and strongest soul connection to
that star system. Very likely incarnation(s) there. Most likely a positive experience with that star system, a positive soul connection with beings from there.
Whatever you experienced and learned in relation to a Conjunct Star System is well in use in your current life.
Your soul qualities linked to that star system are most likely well integrated as part of your identity now.
Opposite alignments can also indicate a strong soul connection and a likely incarnation linked to those star systems.
But the soul qualities linked to that star system are not fully integrated in early life. They become activated much later, in mature adulthood.
You need to make an effort to connect and access that star system soul freuquency. There could be some unresolved karma clearing in relation to that star system.
Trine and Sextile connections indicate that you may have visited those star systems, not necessarily incarnated there. Or,
you have made positive soul connections with beings from those star systems and they may be supporting your life now.
Square alignments can indicate that you have some unresolved karma with beings from those star systems, or
you agreed to help clearing a collective karma linked to beings and situations from those star systems. Unlikely incarnation there, a possible visit.
There are other deeper meanings associated with each star alignment aspect to planets in your chart and
you can study this in great detail HERE

If you find multiple star systems aligned to the same planet, generally speaking, the priority takes the star system
that is closer to the planet’s degree. There are exceptions to this, and this is explained in detail in the online course HERE

If you find a planet with no alignments in your free report, there could be other stars that are not on our limited list.
An extended list is available inside our online courses. Or, if there really is no other star connection, you are meant to only work with that planet's
energy based only on our solar system and no other fixed star's influence. It is common to have no alignments to some planets. Just focus on
where your chart is busy with fixed stars alignments and explore that fully.

Depending on which of the 12 Astro Houses the Star alignment is in, you can see what area of your life
is most influenced by your soul experiences and energies from that star system.
The Free Report is based on the Placidus House System, Tropical Zodiac.

Our souls are ancient, and as you can see, our astrological charts offers many keys leading to a complex information that requires further study and time.
We did our best to simplify this concept as much as possible to give you quick answers. If you feel excited about this topic and want to learn more,
we encourage you to sign up for the comprehensive online course HERE

My interest in astrology, in personal alchemy and all things metaphysical started around my 11th Bday, I became a true bookworm!🧐

In 2014 I became a QHHT practitioner working with Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, helping my clients to access
their soul records to heal unresolved past issues. I also used Andrea Hess' Technique to access Akashic Records as part of the Soul Realignment sessions that I passionately facilitated for clients who preferred me to tune in for them.

Over the years, with access to almost two thousand clients soul stories, I was guided to meticulously study their Astrological charts.
I was looking for proof that our intuition is guiding us correctly, and for proof about extra-terrestrial connections that came up in so many sessions.

As a result of mind-blowing discoveries, years later here I am, helping others to find answers to their soul-driven questions.

Julia Balaz